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Support Programs


CASA Workforce Readiness

Resume writing/interview readiness and more 

Support Group

CASA 1-on-1 Coaching & Holistic Wellness 

Different forms of therapy offered by two counselors on staff 

Buying an apartment

CASA Support 

Wraparound services from the community such as rent 
assistance, utilities, food, etc 


CASA Youth 

Childcare center 

Children in School Bus

CASA Transportation

Shuttle service 


CASA Development Camp 

Classes structured around the desires of participants 

Credit Card Purchase

CASA Life 

Teaching life skills like credit, home buying, saving, budgeting, and  creating life plans 

Wearing White T-Shirt

CASA Merchandise

Selling CASA merchandise 

Home School

CASA Palace/CASA Kingdom 

Foster care facility for boys and girls where I will be listed as foster mom 

Residential House

CASA Transitional Home 

For children turning 18 to 23 who may need a place to go 


CASA Employment Center 

Help with finding jobs or employing individuals  through Casa-Global 

Holding Hands

CASA Reform 

Help with individuals who have negative backgrounds such as  misdemeanors, felony, murder, etc 

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